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Why develop your own training material? It takes time, expertise and is very expensive. ETC offers Quality Training Material developed by an organisation with many years of skills training experience. The material comes in the form CD’s and includes a Facilitator Guide, Learner Guide and assessment instruments. A DVD is included as an additional training tool to re-enforce key outcomes in some of the programs.

Our Training Material include:

  • U/S 8016 Maintaining Health/Safety/Housekeeping
  • U/S 242974 Counter-balanced Lift Trucks ( F 1-F3)
  • U/S 260818 Counter- balanced Lift Truck over 15 ton ( F4)
  • U/S 242981 Defined purpose Lift Trucks ( F6, F7,F 12
  • U/S 242972 Advanced Lift Trucks ( F5, F8,F9, F13-F16)
  • U/S 116231 Cab controlled Overhead Crane (C31)
  • U/S 116235 Pendant controlled Overhead Crane( C30)
  • U/S 242978 Truck Mounted Cranes (C32)
  • U/S 242982 Operate a Heavy Crane ( C35, C36,C39,C40)
  • U/S 116254 Mobile Cranes (C33, C34, C37 , C38, C43)
  • U/S 243273 Monitor & control the safety and operations of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • U/S 243272 Operate a Mobile Elevating working Platform. ( MEWP)
  • U/S 260797 Operate a Side-Loader ( F10)
  • U/S 8020 Controlling Hazardous/Dangerous goods
  • U/S 123259 Conveying Hazardous/Dangerous goods.
  • U/S 123253 Operate a rigid vehicle.
  • U/S123254 Operate a Vehicle Combination

For further information or a quotation please contact ETC Training Material Sales Marketing:

David Randle

Cell: 073 8949818

Email: drdaver1@gmail.com



We have a number of functional classrooms that can be utilized for class sizes from 8 – 40. These are available on daily, weekly or monthly rates. Additional value added services include on-site meals and catering at the ETC Conference Centre. For more information contact  Lesley Dowie on ldowie@etc.org.za.



Trainability Testing allows the identification and the unlocking of a person’s hidden potential and inherent capabilities. The purpose of trainability testing is to establish whether newly acquired and received information can be mentally processed and put into physical practice.

Evaluation of results is not affected by a person’s formal qualifications or acquired skills. The purpose is to establish a candidate’s performance as a percentage in an unbiased manner.

The benefits of using trainability test are as follows:

  • Speedier selection as positions requiring high concentration and judgements can be matched to a person with the necessary capabilities,
  • Reduced absenteeism as the correct person is matched to the level of position, 
  • Ease of instruction to the successful employees as they may be able to absorb training quicker.

The following skills are evaluated and assessed:

  • Decision making skills
  • Productivity and efficiency, 
  • Productivity under stress,
  • Ability to recover from stressful tasks.

The approach uses the determination of eyes, hands, feet, and auditory discrimination, with candidates being categorized as “highly trainable, “trainable”, and “trainable in low skill”.

ETC has recently acquired new, portable testing equipment which allows us to provide on-site trainability testing.

ETC has a division dedicated to Basic Motor Servicing.
Our highly qualified Motor Mechanics will ensure that you receive quality service at the most competitive prices!

A basic service includes:

  • Brake check and report
  • Checking radiator and anti-freeze
  • Checking condition of Battery
  • Checking gear box and diff oil

Changing of:

  • Air filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil Filter & Oil

Other repairs are also available on request.

Shuttle services are available on request.

For a quote or more information contact Mark at
041 456 1616 or Email at  mwalter@etc.org.za

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